Televisions have long ceased to be simple devices for watching television channels. A modern TV can be safely considered a multimedia platform in functionality reminiscent of a productive computer. If earlier it was possible to consider connecting a home theater to a TV set and building a high-quality system for watching movies on its basis as the ultimate dream, today, with the mass distribution of Smart functionality, it became possible to connect a TV to the Internet.

Samsung was one of the first companies to successfully integrate a TV and a computer in one device, as well as provide an efficient Internet connection. Years of evolution and development have led to the emergence of Samsung Smart TVs on the market, which are considered

What is Samsung Smart TV.

Users who are accustomed to operating TVs without Smart TV do not always understand what

Samsung Smart TV is a TV that is equipped with Samsung’s proprietary Smart platform, which turns it into a multimedia center with direct access to large volumes of media content on the Internet. Such a device in its communication capabilities is close to a computer or smartphone. The installation of specially designed applications allows you to turn the TV into a kind of communication point for communication on social networks, exchange of information and access to the necessary content.

The level of Internet integration in Samsung Smart TV is very high. The vast majority of the TV’s capabilities involve an active network connection. Without an active Internet connection, buying a TV with a Smart platform becomes unjustified.

I would like to note that it was Samsung that was one of the first to implement in its TVs the ability to install applications and services for the most efficient use of Internet opportunities. After we have figured out what Samsung Smart TV is, we can move on to examining its structure and functionality.

Samsung Smart TV capabilities.

Even the not-so-expensive middle-class TVs have a ton of useful features. Below we list the main ones.

Smart Hub allows the user to download all kinds of applications to search for content without stopping at the same time watching TV, search for the necessary information on the Internet using the built-in browser, communicate with family and friends using built-in social services, search for reviews and movie reviews, and much more.

Samsung Search All enables you to quickly and easily find the TV show or content you want on the web or in your home collection.

Samsung Social TV allows you to chat about the movie you just watched or leave comments on your blog. While watching a video, you can chat via Facebook, Twitter or Google Talk.

The branded application store Samsung Apps contains a large number of programs of various functionalities. Today you can download and install applications for every taste: games, news, weather, video, sports forecasts.

Samsung 3D opens up a wide world of surround cinema and high-quality sound for the user. A high-quality 2 D to 3 D image converter converts your favorite movie into a 3D format and allows you to get a decent 3 D picture.

Samsung’s Depth Rendering Technology is responsible for the reproduction of vibrant surround sound, which increases the comfort of watching movies and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of what is happening.